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Diabetic Footwear

Rockport Pharmacy is an official supplier for both Dr. Comfort and Orthofeet diabetic shoes. Our trained staff will help you select the best style for your daily or occasional wear and measure for the best possible fit. As we only carry display models in the store, we must have your order delivered which usually takes about 10 days.

We will notify you when your order arrives at the store and will then assist you with custom fitting to ensure that your product fits you perfectly.

Ask us about Medicare Part B and Medicaid billing. If you are a recipient and diabetic, you

"Diabetics have an increased risk of foot problems due to the nerve damage and circulation problems that often occur because of diabetes. When someone without diabetes injures his foot, pain alerts him to the injury. A diabetic with nerve damage or poor circulation may not realize he has injured his foot, which increases the risk of infection, ulcers and other foot damage. Diabetic shoes help diabetics protect their feet and reduce the risk of serious complications."

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